SAP Entwickler

Your SAP developer for special business field solutions

Our SAP developers dealt with the special features and differentiation possibilities of SAP Business One development at an early stage - that's why they are absolute SAP experts in this field today. We have already been able to develop and implement special SAP business field solutions for clinics, logistics companies, wholesalers and automotive suppliers. In addition to the technical installations, our customers always appreciate our personal IT advice and the willingness to be on site quickly in emergencies.

With us as a SAP developer, you save time and money

The business field-specific SAP software implemented by our SAP developers and the SAP Add-Ons save you time and money, as everything is developed specifically for your requirements.

Logistics SAP Add-On



With the PNT.Logistics module, we offer you a large selection of ready-to-use mobile transactions that provide a variety of functions. This significantly reduces routes, paper printouts and sources of error.

The applications can be used on mobile data acquisition devices as well as on forklift terminals.

To the storage processes:

  • Incoming goods with order
  • Incoming goods without order
  • Rearrangements and rebookings in the commission warehouse
  • Outcoming goods functions
  • Mobile inventory counting and evaluation
  • Mobile Commissioning processes

Packing station Add-On


Your shipping processing can be automated with the help of the PNT.Packing module. The solution runs outside of the SAP system, but is still integrated. In this way, shipment data and package information are recorded, so there is no loss of time. A shipping software such as V-Log from MHP is also required.

Variants SAP Add-On


The PNT.variants module enables the processing of articles of different variants, e.g. Colors, sizes. In this way, you can manage the inventory and the evaluation in a more efficient and detailed manner. The PNT variant module reduces the error rate when processing and moving the inventory. For example, imagine a shoe store or a boutique. Instead of creating the same article manually for each color / size combination, there is a mask in the PNT variant module with all the information and the article / model is created with one click. The sales documents are also entered using a matrix, which simplifies the entry and thus prevents errors.

Calling up and adjusting existing customer orders is possible at any time.

PPS Pro SAP Add-On

PNT.PPSPro is a system that is intended to support decision-making in relation to the management of processes through the computer-carried collection of production notes. The performance is monitored in real time by machines and systems that contribute to the implementation of more effective management.

In increasingly competitive markets, it is extremely important that the profits, waste and losses in manufacturing processes are controlled, measured and managed in order to reduce the costs that determine the final price of the product.
In many companies, productive control is carried out through manually collected production monitoring methods, which makes it difficult for the production manager, who has to make decisions with agility, to quickly access information.

If you have relevant information about the production processes in real time, it is possible to ensure the detection of defiles and nonconformities in good time so that they can be corrected or bypassed with fewer losses.